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ERISA Access Serving Everyone

ERISA is a 1974 law that established the health plans most working Americans choose.
EASE thinks everyone should be able to have ERISA plans.

ease is a consulting, plan design, and vendor management program which provides employers with innovative solutions for their employee benefits needs and compliance obligations under the Affordable Care Act and other laws.

ease plans combine the unique skills and specialized training of multiple vendors to create innovative plans that meet three main goals:

Great Benefits

Highest possible value
for employees

Low cost

Lowest possible cost
for employers


ACA Compliance

Why Choose ease?

The EASE Primary plan offers the most savings for everyday coverage, including unlimited access to primary care and urgent care for low copays of $10 and $25 per visit, respectively.

EASE Primary also covers all mandated preventive and wellness benefits under ACA at no cost sharing to ensure that the plan provides Minimum Essential Coverage.

For participants interested in saving on their health coverage, the EASE Primary plan is a smart choice.
The EASE Essential plan offers Minimum Essential Coverage, which includes certain preventive and wellness benefits at no cost sharing, as well as primary care coverage, specialist visits, and includes a supplemental benefit for hospitalization.

EASE Essential offers coverage for the everyday and some rainy days without overwhelming your budget.
The EASE Premium plan is an ideal blend of strong benefits and incredible savings, covering all of the same benefits of the Primary plan at the same low copays as well as specialist visits, diagnostic and imaging benefits and a supplemental hospitalization benefit.

Coverage with this many benefits has never been more accessible or efficient for participants.

Like all EASE plans, the Premium plan is certified to have Minimum Essential Coverage under ACA as well.
The EASE Bronze plan is an actuarially certified Minimum Value Plan, which means that on top of Minimum Essential Coverage, this plan offers employers full protection from ACA penalties if offered to full time employees at an affordable level.

The EASE Bronze plan is both more accessible, comprehensive coverage and more efficient than other Bronze plans in the market.

Not only does the Bronze plan offer low copays, it also has no deductibles, saving participants thousands of dollars a year compared to other Bronze plans.
The EASE Silver plan is actuarially certified to provide benefits at the Silver metal level under ACA, which means it provides the most popular level of coverage for management and executives while often costing less than Bronze coverage offered by others.

The Silver plan is comprehensive and provides both Minimum Essential Coverage and Minimum Value without high copays or deductibles.

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ease has carefully crafted benefits solutions that allow employers in any industry and of any size to offer benefits to their personnel in an efficient and compliant manner. Although EASE plans are adapted to changes in the benefits marketplace and the needs of our clients, the core features of these plans have never changed – nor has any EASE plan ever been challenged by state or federal regulators.

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